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Death…Catalyst for Change

Many times we don’t get the choice, but there is always a catalyst. An event. The uncontrollable. The inevitable. We all experience those moments that change the course of our life, career, or project.

During this week, you will engage with industry professionals, professors, and peers to practice your newly learned capabilities to overcome difficulties during the creative process.

Grow through the unknown to develop your distinct view of death and discover how to harness this catalyst. What will the new you create on the other side?

“Die every night…to live every day” – Jeevak, Vice President, Strategic Growth, Sundberg-Ferar Design

The June 7th – 12th event will be held at the famous Seven Springs Lodge and Rattlesnake Saloon. It is a family managed farm with over 3,000 acres, restaurant, and facilities. Seven Springs Lodge 1292 Mt Mills Road Tuscumbia, AL 35674‎ (256) 370-7218. What3Words Address ///goodbye.exert.rural

The Details:


June 7, 2020 — June 12, 2020


Seven Springs Lodge, 1292 Mt Mills Road Tuscumbia, AL 35674‎


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