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Disruptive Collaboration


Working with the MBA program from Otterbein University, Aether presented a 2-day LAB – Disruptive Collaboration: a primer on lean research and strategy. The intent was to help the MBA students understand the value design has across the organization and provide them with tools for disruptive collaboration.

Starting with Aether’s Pre-search™ tool, participants examined how to overcome inherent bias through a process of try and unlearn. All designers begin with some bias, and we can’t expect that that bias is the same for our customers. By learning to rid oneself of inherent bias, participants can quickly develop sound problem statements that will lead to a viable product, service, and experience solutions. Participants develop personas of users to better understand their individual needs, wants and desires. Then they went through a customer journey mapping exercise to understand their customer’s reality with the product, service, or experience. Strategic Foresight tools helped participants predict the long-term impact on design decisions and imagine successful strategies. Students used Aether’s Service Blueprint tool to map out the total customer experience and develop an accompanying operational plan.

The results of the above tools and resources were fed into the Value Proposition Canvas and the Business Model Canvas to develop new opportunities for successful and disruptive business strategies. Eric Lloyd, Director of the Otterbein MBA program, said that although the LAB was an “intense two days, the students were able to leverage the information in their work almost immediately.”

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