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During this particular lab, the participants were asked to envision a better world for both themselves and their community by exploring the world’s land, sea, and air ecosystems. By erasing their own biases and scanning the environment, they slowing began to uncover the issues at hand. They used the time to develop concepts for short-term and long-term sustainable solutions that would impact the world around them.

The 25 elementary school students and approximately 20 middle school students worked together to learn through exploration, search for opportunities, and design their solutions all the while learning more about STEM and creative careers. The multi-day workshop offered the students a chance to learn how to use basic visualization techniques and nonlinear thinking to build self-confidence, presentation skills, and concept development all the while having fun. To wrap up the immersive experience they showcased their learning through the development of a digital portfolio.

SHiFT partnered with Kingsport City Schools to develop STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math) educational experiences that spark interest and inspire students across all grade levels through hands-on, project-based learning in the areas of chemistry, digital media, engineering, environmental exploration, the arts, and design.

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