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SHiFT experiences accelerate talent development, strategic vision, and personal capabilities to create successful leaders.

It’s an education platform for college students, recent graduates, and young professionals that add value to traditional education through full-time immersive fellowships, practical experience-based labs, and inspirational camps.

We deliver our 50+ combined years of educational experience through project-based collaborations, immersive learning opportunities, innovative methodology, and strategic community engagement.

Our events explore the convergence of social, business, and technological innovation and challenges participants to work directly with futurists, social entrepreneurs, AI scientists, CEOs, hackers, and designers. SHiFT extends the impact of your education and connects you directly with the industry you want to change.

About Chattanooga

Chattanooga was voted the “Best Town Ever” by Outside Magazine not once, but twice. The region is known for outdoor adventure, an entrepreneurial spirit, a vibrant design scene, and the country’s fastest fiber optic smart grid. If you’re tired of high rent and lots of traffic, then come to visit our studio nestled among mountains, rivers, and hundreds of miles of tree-lined trails.

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John McCabe - SHiFT

John McCabe

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Owen Foster

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Aether is a non-profit 501(c)3 with a desire to locate, inspire, and nurture the world’s future leaders. As a Chattanooga-based future focused talent development venture, our educational initiative, SHiFT, accelerates talent, vision, and capabilities to create successful leaders. These immersive events provide opportunities to gain leadership experience, amplify abilities, push collaborative boundaries, and increase global insight all to grow and mature professional intuition.

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