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What is it &
Who is it for?

The twelve-week Fellowship Program is our flagship experience. It’s designed to catapult current students and recent graduates into their industry within an environment that supports personal growth. The home base for our fellowships is in the Dynamo of the South, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Why here? It’s a region focused on merging advanced manufacturing, the fastest internet in the country, an entrepreneurial mindset and a lifestyle in the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

If you are a college student, a recent graduate, or a young professional – a SHiFT fellowship will extend the impact of your degree and connect you with the industry in ways that typical internships and early-level positions can’t.

You’ll be solving real-world problems for meaningful clients, exposing and enhancing your strengths, and building a new community along the way.

How it works:

12 Week Projects

Develop real-world skills and leadership experience by collaborating with other young professionals on multiple real-world projects. You’ll work with a team of advisors, peers, and industry leaders to create content and deliverables that align with your skills and stretch from your comfort zone.

Career Preparation Labs

In an evolving modern economy, it’s critical to make every career move count. Through transferring our experience in creating personal brands, weekly seminars on resume and portfolio development, and the fantastic networking events, we will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make intelligent career decisions.

Future Leader Labs

Leadership skills and business acumen invariably fill the top two spots on any prospective employer’s wish list. The Fellowship experience is comparable to a condensed management degree and provides actionable insight into fundamental business concepts that will help you think and act like a business leader.

Activities & Travel

Learn more about yourself and open your eyes to other cultures through global travel. We’ll host a series of networking events, retreats, day excursions, and social Happy Hours that bring you and your cohort together. And when we’re not together, we’ll always encourage you to get out, travel, explore and discover new things as you experience new parts of the world.

Work Hard, Play Hard

There’s so much to do, so many people to meet, and so many problems to solve. Every day of every week Fellows will take a deep dive into the pixels, atoms, and currency of our future world. A world that revolves around personal connection and intelligent services, but to create our future, we need to explore and enjoy the world around us.

Learn from others, teach others, and create something together.

Industry Relationships & Project Focus:

  • Social Innovation
  • Manufacturing 4.0
  • Internet of things
  • Smart City & Mobility
  • Service & Strategy
  • Convergence Design
  • Brand Development
  • Agriculture Tech
  • Futures Thinking
  • VR | AR
  • & More

Are you a fearless client?

We love exploring and developing solutions to serious business challenges. If you have an upcoming project, need to innovate your product experience, or want us to start thinking about the future of your brand give us a shout.

Work with SHiFT


What does the Fellowship experience feel like?

  • You will work on products and services that make a difference.
  • Use what you know and help others.
  • Together we solve problems that need to be answered.
  • While you help others take their ideas to market, we can help you bring your ideas to market.
  • We’ll be very honest with your work. It’s how you will get better.
  • Build connections with regional business/government leaders.
  • Learn from some of the most successful social enterprises.
  • Highly customized adventures & cultural exploration.
  • Build relationships with local impact entrepreneurs.
  • Cozy and home-like coworking space.
  • We’re small and scrappy on purpose. It’s the future of both education and innovation.
  • We feel like a consultancy, but you learn like a school.
  • We showcase and connect local resources to you.
  • It’s like working at your startup, but without the risk.
  • We’re in Chattanooga because in today’s connected world we can be.
  • We prefer hiking trails, climbing rocks, and paddling rivers than sitting in traffic; you will too.
  • We are still trying to discover any downside to living in a city with so many world-class breweries and distilleries.
  • You were badass in school weren’t you, but you didn’t learn everything you needed to before you graduated did you? Now you can.

If you’re nodding your head “yes,” then we need to talk.

What does a typical day / week of the Fellowship look like?

Average Week:

  • Monday – Plan and prepare for the week. Align team and develop assignments
  • Tuesday – Work with a local non-profit in growth strategies
  • Wednesday – Present deliverables to a director from a global company
  • Thursday – Collaborate with team to create assets for a research trip
  • Friday – Present to Mayor and Chamber of Commerce insights from the previous project
  • Saturday – Enjoy a Chattanooga Hooligan Game
  • Sunday – Rock climbing in the Smoky Mountain National Forest

Average Day:

  • 8am – Hit the gym
  • 9am – Arrive at the SHiFT Studio – a new project! Let’s get it done.
  • 12pm – Walk to Community Pie
  • 1pm – Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • 3pm – Meeting with a mentor about the leadership of the project team
  • 4pm – Video call to West coast team using LOLA
  • 5pm – Head to Clydes for Innovation District Meetup

How much does a Fellowship cost?

A SHiFT Fellowship costs $10,000.

What is included?

No other learning accelerator offers as much.

Work Experience & Career Coaching
  • Immersive Fellowship
  • On-site instructors and mentors
  • On-site career coaching
  • 24/7 support
Career Preparation & Development
  • Skills Assessment
  • Professional Resume Development
  • Interview Preparation coaching
  • Career planning and job search advice and support
  • Certification of attendance and reference support
Group Events & Excursions
  • Welcome Orientations
  • Research Travel Immersions
  • Weekly Happy Hours
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Validation and Presentation Events
  • Closing Party
Career Labs
  • Executive Panel Q&A w/ networking
  • Acing the Interview
  • CV & Resume Development
  • Creative Storytelling
Future Leaders Labs
    Business & Management

  • Company Analysis
  • Future Markets
  • Foresight and Strategy
  • People & Productivity
  • Project & Presentation
  • Career Planning
Optional Features
  • Accommodations
  • Language course
  • Academic Credit

What are my housing options?

There are numerous housing options in Chattanooga including the famous Tomorrow Building. Located in the Innovation District, the Tomorrow Building is the first co-living residence in the southeast! The historic building is in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. You will be within walking distance of the new Miller Park, city-wide bike share station, local breweries, award-winning restaurants, and quirky coffee shops.

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