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SHiFT / CAMPS Unplug and Plug in.

Connect with industry. Disconnect from routine. Focus your vision.

SHiFT camps are collaborative adventures with hyper-local themes and activities that converge workshops, field trips, discussions, and reflection into your heart, body, and mind. You will rejuvenate your explorative mindset, amplify your creative problem solving skills, and infuse passion back into your life.

A fun way for creative minds who want to change the world to connect with peers and industry leaders. We have years of experience in designing highly engaging events that trigger growth in seeing, thinking, and doing. Every camp is a unique mixture of students, young professionals, disciplines, and thought leaders from around the world. You will need to embrace the chaos and ambiguity that is part of this fantastic experience.

Come join the campfire conversations.

A SHiFT Camp is what you make it. But for everyone, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to dive deep into creativity, conversations, and community.

Great minds, remarkable people, and incredible experiences come together to change you, and your world, for the better.

How it works:

Daily workshops & discussions will focus on community, reflection, craft, and grit.

Connect to industry

Each day, the events, workshops, and discussions will focus on the collaborative creative process. Topics like community, reflection, craft, and grit are explored through community challenges.

Build your community

Instead of relying on algorithms to build our online group of friends, learn to talk with others and connect on a personal level. This investment in human relationships will provide an actionable personal and professional network.

Explore with friends

Break free from the monotony and set off on an adventure with a fun mixture of personalities and viewpoints. Use this time to experience the world, push yourself, and build memories.

Lead and follow

Being a good leader means knowing when to follow. Learn to embrace others’ knowledge and unique skills so you can create better team dynamics.

Learn from others, teach others, and create something together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inspired & Rejuvenated
  • Design Doing
  • Connections & Diversify Network
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Mentorship & Career Advice
  • Leadership Skills
  • & More

See for yourself:


What does the camp experience feel like?

    • It’s camping, well more like glamping since there are amazing food and showers
    • Learning adventures and challenges will fill your day
    • Connect with people that are way more talented than yourself
    • There will be time for reflection and exploration of the surrounding areas
    • Cultures, backgrounds, and stories will merge in a way you’ve never experienced before
    • Collaborate on group and individual design challenges
    • Morning lectures and workshops will feature artists, designers, and industry leaders speaking to a variety of topics from design, community, and passion
    • Learn and use the design process and systems thinking

Yes, this will be fun, but it’s about much more than that. The personal development and amplification of your skills are key outcomes.

What does a typical day / week of the Camp look like?

  • Average day:
  • 8am Stretch/run/yoga
  • 9am Breakfast
  • 10am Knowledge transfer – workshop/activity from content guru
  • 12pm Lunch
  • 1pm Physical activity – application of content from morning session
  • 4pm Freetime
  • 5pm Dinner
  • 7pm Presentations/karaoke/activity
  • 9pm Campfire conversations – reflection and thought leader discussion

How much does the Camp cost?

A SHiFT camp is usually $225 for the entire experience including all food, accommodation, experiences, knowledge transfer and take home treats.

Camps will have a max of 120 people per program.

We offer some scholarships and reduced fee places; please reach out to find out more.

What all is included?

All food, accommodation, experiences, and SHiFT swag. Airfare and travel are not included in the camp price.

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