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Aether/Hatch Sketch Lab: Costa Rica



Hatch/Sketching Lab

Date & Location:

October 26-28, 2017 / La Libertad Park, San Jose, Costa Rica


Around 20 multidisciplinary group of college students in various design fields / professional designers: industrial, graphic, architecture/ educators/government workers / social workers __ ages ranged from early 20s-60s


Partnering with Hatch/Sketching Lab in San Jose Costa Rica, Aether co-hosted a 3-day Lab that focused on visual communication and the creative thinking process. The intent was to help take an idea to reality following innovative methodologies in a very hands-on, activity-driven approach. The Lab’s primary objective was to promote and foster entrepreneurship and creativity of the participants to develop and create successful businesses from innovative ideas.

Targeted for the entrepreneurs, business managers, designers, architects, craftsmen, creatives, students and professionals in business and all those interested in learning new ways to communicate their innovative ideas quickly and effectively.


The Story of Coffee


Sketch Aerobics: basic exercises. Lose fear and forget frustrations, learn to communicate your innovative concepts with visualization techniques. (exercises and sketching with music)

Presentation: (José Gamboa)

Basic drawing techniques, Mind Mapping techniques (organization of concepts and ideas using word association strategies).
Design process: problem, research, concept, and solution.
How to incorporate “emotional design” into your proposal or business.
Knowing ourselves better, the participants will form teams to perform basic exercises.
Each group will have the opportunity to develop a business idea, in digital or a physical concept

Presentation: (Owen Foster)

Following the “Lean Startup” methodology,
“Pencil to prototype”: a practical workshop that visualizes the complexity of the creative process, divides it into smaller, more manageable tasks and allows participants to accept the failure from unexpected results. It teaches you how to make prototypes of your idea quickly, evaluate them and reintroduce the concepts to the client or to the market.

Start of the project:

  • Identify the problem / opportunity
  • Investigation
  • Explanation of methodology A, B, C, Q.
  • Development of concepts and final presentation.
  • Review the projects and give advice to the participants.
  • Evaluate generated concept
  • Development of the solution
  • Presentation
  • Conclusions


The workshop offered:

  • Basic drawing exercises (learn to communicate your innovative ideas with visualization techniques).
  • Mind Mapping (organization of concepts and ideas using word association strategies).
  • How to incorporate the “emotional design” in your proposal or business.
  • Design process: problem, research, concept, solution.
  • How to develop a professional network of contacts.
  • Methodology “Lean Startup”.
  • Methodology “Pencil to Prototype”.
  • Methodology “A, B, C, Q”.

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