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BLOCKPARTY: Sheng-Hung Lee

For many, Design is the layering of intentional behaviors for living and not just a daily occupation. The term “design thinking” has been intensely adopted throughout the world, but mostly as a systematic process and not necessarily a mindset. But what if it is a way of life, a way of looking at the world, a collection of life skills to better ourselves. What if everyone could enjoy more of life through “Thinking by Design”? It has the potential to be the habitual drive that unlocks meaningful experiences and uncovers hidden value for all.

Join us for a chat with Sheng-Hung Lee, from IDEO and MIT AgeLab, as we discover how a design-focused mindset teaches us how to unlearn habits and reset our perspectives.

The Details:


— May 27, 2020


Choose from your comfy couch, dining room table, or pillow fort.

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