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SHiFT / LABS What can you do in a day?

Invigorate your career.

Labs are inspirational bursts into the tools of innovation and industry knowledge that allow participants to understand complex systems better, no matter if it’s the global economy or a neighborhood pop-up shop.

Shift Labs are intended to enhance skills and learn how to apply those skills for personal growth. By partnering with futurists, artificial intelligence scientists, social innovation entrepreneurs, and advanced manufacturing experts we will develop and facilitate workshops to involve, inform, and inspire change.

Dare to design your future.

Looking for inspiring ways to explore new skills and prepare yourself for an adaptable and exciting future?

SHiFT Labs are focused, facilitated workshops. Using the design process, strategic foresight, and immersive approaches to help you accelerate your ability to challenge the status quo.

How it works:

Learn new methods

Each day, the events, workshops, and discussions will focus on the collaborative creative process. Topics like community, reflection, craft, and grit are explored through community challenges.

Inspiration for Innovation

Instead of relying on algorithms to build our online group of friends, learn to talk with others and connect on a personal level. This investment in human relationships will provide an actionable personal and professional network.

Explore with friends

Break free from the monotony and set off on an adventure with a fun mixture of personalities and viewpoints. Use this time to experience the world, push yourself, and build memories.

Lead and follow

Being a good leader means knowing when to follow. Learn to embrace others’ knowledge and unique skills so you can create better team dynamics.

SHiFT Labs

Custom Engagements

Let’s design an engagement that addresses the needs of your organization. It’s our desire to partner with you to create the future and “teach you how to fish,” not act as outsiders that hoard our knowledge. We are experts at developing foresight capacity; building breakthrough strategy; solving long-standing problems; transforming organizations; seizing opportunities, and more!

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The Story of Making: Bays Mountain 2015


You know as well as anyone that nothing gets folks together like a warm fire on a cold night. On the slope of Bays Mountain, we all felt a special kind of electric energy that only comes from being out under the stars surrounded by the sounds of howling wolves. This was SHiFT’s first winter… Read More…

SHiFT CAMP - Control + Retreat

Control + Retreat: Alabama


The first SHiFT event back in 2013. The magic reset. All you have to do is hold down SHIFT/CONTROL/DELETE to start it all over. But you can’t really delete all that has happened in your life. You can’t just put everything on hold forever. But you can take some time to step away and reevaluate… Read More…

SHiFT Camp - Explore your Perspective

Explore your Perspective: Wales


For this camp, we had the unique opportunity to stay at Foel Ortho, an 18th-century farmhouse near Lake Vyrnwy in Wales. We were treated to quirky accommodations where we slept in a beautiful old barn, a captivating treehouse, a cozy warm cottage, and even in secret rooms behind bookcases. You must go visit if you… Read More…