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Humanity’s Reach: Rocket City

What happens when you mix together an Apollo mission engineer, a futurist, an expert on the internet-of-things, an entrepreneur from SpaceX, and amazing students from all over the world? You get ridiculously interesting solutions that define humanity and services that will help us as we become a multi-planet species. The groups created future scenarios for communications, food, travel, and terraforming.

The event was held at the famous U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama and there’s no secret why we were excited to run a camp here. The center is home to the internationally recognized Space Camp and we couldn’t wait to slide into our own space suit. This unique venue allowed us to experience the martian surface, the international space station, and even pull a few G’s in the training simulators. It was the convergence of the old, the new, and the future that really got everyone’s ideas flowing around humanity’s reach.

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